New Relaxation, Health and Healing Group in Cannock on 29th June 2017

Group Hypnosis – Relaxation, Health and Healing

A one hour group Hypnosis session for Relaxation, Health and Healing with Steve Woods – Hypnotist.

Allow yourself to release the stress in your life and be taken on a journey to a wonderful place. In that place you can relax and take time to allow yourself to soak up the natural healing energy around you. Minutes in this place seem like hours or even days and whatever level of

Photograph of a Stress Release Group Hypnosis Session

Stress Release Group Hypnosis Session

relaxation you reach you will leave the session feeling energised, refreshed and free from stress.

You will also spend time focusing the body’s natural health and healing working on whatever part of your body needs some attention.

Regular attendance of these groups helps with stress management, sleep patterns, health and moods. Invest in the care of your mind and body today!

All of this for just £10

Limited number of places. Booking is essential using the link below for the date of interest.


CANNOCK – 29th June at 18:30

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