Group Hypnosis

Groups are a great way to benefit from Hypnosis where everyone in the group shares the same goal. As the cost is shared between everyone in the group its also a low cost option and allows for regular attendance and the amazing ongoing results for subjects such as Stress Release, Health and Healing, Smoking Cessation and Weight Release amongst others.

Groups are also a very effective way of helping companies and organisations look after their staff and volunteers, in particular with regards to stress management which is becoming more recognised as a serious issue impacting the health of employees but also impacting the organisation with staff sickness issues. Organisations have a duty to help their staff and volunteers manage work related stress.

You will find details of the public groups below as well as more information about how Hypnosis Groups can help your employees, staff, volunteers and your organisation.


Group Hypnosis for Relaxation, Health and Healing (Public Group)

Group Hypnosis for a Great Sleep (Public Group)


Stress Release Groups for Schools