About Steve Woods – Hypnotist and Experiential Hypnosis Ltd

Experiential Hypnosis Ltd formed in December 2013 with the aim to help people understand and make use of Hypnosis in the Business, Sport, Medical and Educational sectors.

Steve Woods is the Hypnotist and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd.

As a Registered Hypnotist in the UK I have worked with groups and individuals for over 12 years.

Specialising in supporting staff wellbeing along with motivation and success I have gained much experience of the Business, Sport, Medical and Educational sectors over this time.

The work I do involves helping groups and individuals make use of the many changes Hypnosis can bring about and using this to often support existing medical intervention and business support strategies where appropriate.

In many cases my Hypnosis can be carried out over Skype as well as face to face and in addition a growing range of audio files are being produced to support the face to face work.

I am based in South Staffordshire and travel throughout the Country offering talks and demonstrations to help increase the awareness of how powerful and often misunderstood Hypnosis is.

I am a Registered Hypnotist and Chinosis Coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and also hold an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Please feel free to look around the site and use the contact form below orTwitter and Facebook links to make contact.

Please provide as much information as possible.


How to Find Us

Experiential Hypnosis Ltd (Steve Woods – Hypnotist) can be found at the Regus office units in Watling Court, next to the Holiday Inn hotel in Cannock.

Photograph of the Experiential Hypnosis Ltd. Office

The Experiential Hypnosis Ltd. Office

Car parking
can be found within the office area and to the rear of the hotel. Keep an eye open as some parking spots are reserved for businesses (usually these are fine after hours). There is also a parking area over the road (small entrance with gravel) as shown in the photos below.

Postocode is WS11 0DQ for the GPS. Our office is Office 201.

Photograph of the Entrance to the Experiential Hypnosis Overflow Carpark

Entrance to the Overflow Carpark


Photograph of the Experiential Hypnosis Overflow Carpark

The Overflow Carpark

The entrance to the Regus offices is clearly marked to the right as you stand facing the front of the hotel. There is an entry button on the right of the door (office hours only).

During office hours there is a reception on the first floor which is not always attended at busy times. A lift is available.

Photograph of the Experiential Hypnosis Stairs to Reception

Stairs to Reception

Outside office hours you will not be able to gain entry to the building. Please contact Steve on 07828 971 058 and he will come and meet you at the door. Again, leave a message if no answer and Steve will call you back as soon as he has finished the call he is on. If you arrive early and Steve is still with a client he will not be able to let you in the building until he is free.If you are visiting during office hours and reception is empty you can contact Steve on his mobile – 07828 971 058. If there is no answer (as he might be on the phone already) please leave a message and he will call you straight back. Once Steve is aware you are in recepetion he will come and collect you. If you arrive early and Steve is still with a client you can wait in the reception area.

The office suite has full toilet facilities and water will be available in the Experiential Hypnosis office. The office is heated and air conditioned to provide you with the most comfortable experience.

Please note there is CCTV in the parking areas, building and in the Experiential Hypnosis office. All data is treated in the strictest confidence.

If you do make your own way to the office door please make note of the door sign and do not disturb if it shows ‘occupied’.

Photograph of the Experiential Hypnosis Entrance to Office 201

Entrance to Office 201


Photograph of the Experiential Hypnosis Occupied Sign

Please do not disturb if a client is present