Earn Money with Rewarded Referrals with Steve Woods – Hypnotist

Who do you know that could benefit from all the amazing life changing results from Hypnosis? Who do you work for? You local school, college etc.? They all could potentially welcome some staff wellbeing and stress release sessions. Earn money with rewarded referrals with Steve Woods – Hypnotist.

There are only so many hours in the day and in order to spread the word about Hypnosis and how it can help with so many things I am offering an incentive to help get referrals for new clients. I will pay you CASH reward for successful referrals, my best form of advertising. The only terms are that whoever you refer must pay for a session to activate the payment. It does not cover the low cost (£10) public group sessions. Payment are made at the end of the month that the paid session took place.

If you do make a referral there is no obligation for that person or organisation to continue with paid sessions and they may or may not take advantage of the FREE 30 Minute Assessment.



For every person who takes a paid Hypnosis Session after you have referred them I will pay you via bank transfer £20. Who do you know who could benefit from Hypnosis. Remember they can also take advantage of the FREE Assessment to see if it is for them before the commit to paid sessions. Sessions can be anywhere in the World using Skype as well as face to face in Cannock, Staffordshire.



For every organisation, company, group, school, college etc. that takes at least one paid group sessions after you have referred them I will pay you via bank transfer £50. Who do you work for? Your local school? Even a charity you support could potentially benefit from Stress Release Hypnosis.


To Join In

Please use the form below to submit your referral and include your own details. I will keep track of the enquiry and update you as we go. Please make sure you have spoken to the person you are referring before passing their details on as I will be contacting them and mentioning your name! If you would like to have a chat with me about all this please contact me.