Group Hypnosis for a Great Sleep

A Group Hypnosis Session to help promote a Great Sleep


CANNOCK – 26th July 2017 @ 7pm

When we don’t sleep well our health suffers, our focus and concentration are not as they should be and we get more stressed and anxious. The cycle then continues.

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In this Group Hypnosis session you will first learn how to relax using Hypnosis followed by a focused approach to getting a great sleep and learning how to use the experience of the group session to help bring about sleep.

It is known that just experiencing Hypnosis will help you sleep and with the additional tools provided during the session this will continue to be the case.

Regular attendance of these groups helps with stress management, sleep patterns, health and moods. Invest in the care of your mind and body today!


All of this for just £10

Limited number of places. Booking is essential using the link below for the date of interest.

Suitable for shift workers and anyone who struggles to sleep. Duration 1 hour.


CANNOCK – 26th July 2017 @ 7pm